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free school under th bridge

This Man Created the ‘Free School Under the Bridge’ in India and Is Now Teaching 300 Students Daily

India has close to 1.5 billion people, with a great number of them being children who do not have access to quality education. There are many reasons for this, and efforts to provide access to education exist, but are lacking. Enter the Free School Under…

emrod wireless electricity technology

Startup Emrod Uses Wireless Electricity Technology First Proven to Be Possible by Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was one of the most brilliant minds in modern history. It is thanks to him that we have things such as alternating current and radio. His scientific explorations of what is possible was driven by a deep-seated altruism. He wanted to benefit humanity…

ecosia search engine

Privacy-Oriented Search Engine Ecosia Just Planted 100 Million Trees

Ecosia, a search engine known for its strong ethics and emphasis on privacy has just reached a new milestone. It has successfully planted 100 million trees. This search engine was started in 2009 as a way of curbing deforestation. The way it works is that…

two elephants

The Elephant Population in Kenya Has Doubled Since 1989 Thanks to Anti-Poaching Efforts

Something remarkable has happened in Kenya…the elephant population has grown more than twice what it was in 1989. This news came during an event that was held for World Elephant Day. How has this been possible, when the elephant population has¬† been declining all across…

south korea 20 mile solar bike lane

South Korea Has a 20 Mile Solar Bike Lane Covered in Solar Panels in the Middle of a Highway

What isn’t covered with shade, but could use it? What does the sun shine down on whenever the sun is out? Highways and bike lanes. There’s over 10 million miles of roads around the world. That’s a lot of opportunities for harvesting free solar energy…

ocean voyages institute garbage patch

New Record Set for the Largest Amount of Plastic Removed From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Ocean Voyages Institute just broke a world record for the largest amount of plastic removed from the ocean. Focusing their efforts on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, their team was able to remove an astonishing 103 tons of plastic and fishing nets that were…

fostered 30 kids

This Single Dad Fostered 30 Kids and Now Adopted 5 Siblings All at Once

The Father of the Year award may very well go to Lamont Thomas, a single dad who has taken dozens of foster children under his wing. Most recently, he has adopted five siblings all at once. Having been a loving parent to children for over…

anemokinetics enrgy from trees

A New Technology Can Draw Energy From Trees to Power Cities

There is an exciting new technology that looks to draw energy from trees. That’s right, by concerting the movements of tree branches and shrubs, anemokinetics technology can tap into a vast, renewable¬† energy sources provided by Nature. This sustainable and regenerative energy conversion can even…

solar panel pavers platio solar

These Pavers Made From Plastic Bottles Could Transform Your Driveway Into Solar Panels

Would you like your driveway to generate free solar energy? Thanks to Platio Solar, you now can. Their new solar tiles are mounted on top of recycled plastic paving slabs, allowing them to blend seamlessly into driveways or pavements of any kind. These pavers made…

sustainable living

Survey Finds A Majority of Americans Are Now Living More Sustainably Due to COVID-19

Americans, even those who aren’t part of the 44 million who recently became unemployed, are spending a lot more time at home. While states are now easing up lockdown and quarantine restrictions, there appear to be some major shifts towards living more sustainably. A new…

banana leaf packaging thailand

This Supermarket in Thailand Uses Banana Leaves Instead of Plastic to Reduce Plastic Waste

In a creative effort to reduce plastic waste, a popular supermarket chain in Chiang Mai, Thailand is now using banana leaves instead of plastic as packaging for their produce. Word of this plastic-free packaging has reached the internet, making the following photos go viral. Rimping…

mystique dolphin gifts

This Dolphin Is Bringing Gifts From the Ocean to Get Humans to Come Back

Dolphins are really advanced beings. In fact, they’re regarded as non-human persons by scientists. It turns out, they even miss us when we don’t visit them. One 29-year-old humpback dolphin in particular, named Mystique, has taken it upon himself to bring gifts from the sea…