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cat sleeping

Research Shows This Music for Cats Will Calm Them Down the Most

Cats are usually calm creatures, yet sometimes they get, well, catty. Researchers looked into how music effects cats and how it can calm them down when they go to theĀ  vet. They discovered specific music for cats that was incredibly effective at relaxing cats. A…

woman doing yoga at home

These Creative Hobbies and Wellness Routines Have Exploded in Popularity During COVID-19

Given all the stay-at-home orders in places like the United States and abroad, people have turned to doing things they may have been putting off before. What’s inspiring is that many have let their creativity flourish and a significant amount of people are becoming committed…

Outer Space

Japan’s Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Has Reached Asteroid Ryugu and Learned Its Secrets

Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft reached the asteroid Ryugu last year and has more recently shot a 5-gram projectile at the asteroid, to retrieve some surface samples. This near-Earth asteroid is approximately 1 kilometer in width, which is far too small to see it 350 million km…

students meditation in classroom

An Increasing Number of Schools Are Finding Yoga and Mindfulness Sessions More Effective Than Detention

It’s beginning to look like meditation instead of detention is the most effective way to address student anxiety, tardiness, and disruptions. Schools across the United States have begun experimenting with replacing detention with mindfulness practices, and even yoga classes. While it may seem a bit…

zero dong store

Meet the “Zero Dong Store” – A Chain of Free Stores Has Opened Up in Vietnam

There are now 18 “Zero Dong” stores that have opened in Vietnam, with the first zero dong store having opened up in Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday. The hope is that this chain of free stores will help those in need of food and…

ozone hole arctic

Massive Ozone Hole 10 Times the Size of Greenland Over the Arctic Has Fully Closed

While the so-called “ozone hole” is historically known to occur over Antarctica, there has been a massive depletion of the protective ozone in the atmosphere above the Arctic. Up until recently, the size of the hole was up to 10 times the size of Greenland!…

myconoe mushroom canoe

This Student Grew a Mushroom Canoe That Actually Floats

Katy Ayers, a student hailing from Nebraska, has done something incredible: she grew a canoe out of mycelium. Her mushroom canoe went viral recently, and for good reason. It’s never been done before, until now. Calling it Myconoe, as a nod to the Reishi mushroom…

glowing dolphins

Incredible Footage of Glowing Dolphins Filmed in Bioluminescent Waters

When Patrick Coyne was shooting on his Sony a7Sii in 4K, he expected to see dolphins, but not glowing dolphins. Thanks to him being off the coast of Newport Beach in California under the cover of night, we have this incredible footage where a few…

loving cat

This Loving Cat Looks After Other Sick and Hurt Animals at a Shelter in Poland

An incredibly loving cat, who has itself barely escaped death, is now helping nurse sick and injured animals in a shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The name of this furry ball of love is Rademenes and he has his own miracle story to share. When he…

china single-use plastic

Single-Use Plastic Has Begun Getting Phased Out in China

China has started phasing out single-use plastic, with plastic bags becoming banned from every major city by the end of 2020. A total ban on plastic bags everywhere will be in place by 2025. Plastic is a massive problem around the world, with the stuff…

mars nasa crater
Outer Space

NASA’s Mars Orbiter Snaps An Astounding Photo of a New 50-Foot Crater

Launched in 2005, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, has brought us breathtaking photos of the Red Planet for the past 15 years. One of the latest photos from the Martian surface is an astonishing 50-foot wide crater. What’s more, the crater appears to be quite new….


Scientists Have Just Discovered How to Extend Lifespan to 500 Years

Extending our lives has just become a step closer to reality. Scientists working at the MDI Biological Laboratory in California, with the help of Nanjin Universitty in China, have uncovered cellular pathways that allow for our lifespans to become significantly longer. In fact, we will…