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sako kindergarten

Kaleidoscopic Kindergarten in China Is What We All Wish We Had as Kids

In Tianshui, a city of 3.5 million in north-central China, there is a new kaleidoscopic playground that is a child’s dream school come alive. Atop this extraordinary building is a transparent dome that lets in the sun through the 483 multi-colored glass panels all throughout…

free rice atm vietnam

Vietnam Now Has ‘Rice ATMs’ That Give Out Free Rice For People Who Need It

So-called “rice ATMs” have been set up across Vietnam, in cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Da Nang, and Hanoi. Since many of the more disadvantaged in Vietnam are having difficulty making ends meet due to the coronavirus shutdown of most businesses, creative ways…

dolphins playing

Dolphins Become Friends By Having Similar Interests, Like We Do

It turns out, dolphins become friends with other dolphins when they are interested in the same thing. Just like humans, dolphins form close relationships by sharing similar interests. This is something that has now been proven by a group of international researchers. Published in the…

himalayan mountains punjab

Himalayan Mountains Visible for the First Time in Decades From India Due to the COVID-19 Lockdown

The town of Jalandhar in the state of Punjab in India has seen a nearly-miraculous transformation of its skyline. What used to be a smog-filled sky has now become a beautiful and clear view of the Himalayan Mountains. Locals living in Jalandhar have remarked that…

cactus vegan leather

Faux Leather Made Out of Prickly Pear Cactus Has Been Created By These Two Guys In Mexico

With so many alternatives to leather popping up, it’s becoming difficult to justify the raising of cattle just to slaughter them and wrap their skin around our bodies, or turn it into accessories. Enter the latest in faux leather technology: cactus leather. Two entrepreneurs out…

ceres with ahuna mons
Outer Space

These NASA Images of a Mountain on Dwarf Planet Ceres Are Unlike Anything Humans Have Seen Before

Ahuna Mons. That’s the name of the highest mountain in the solar system. Standing 4 miles high and located on the dwarf planet Ceres, this mountain is very unusual. NASA’s New Dawn probe had recently visited Ceres, although it is basically ‘dead’ given it ran…

two pandas mate

Two Pandas Finally Mate After 10 Years Once the Zoo Closed Due to COVID-19

It looks like pandas want a little privacy when they have sex, just like humans do. Two pandas, who have been together for over a decade, mated for the first time in 10 years. Zookeepers who were monitoring them during the COVID-19 lockdown in a…

tree turned into a little library

Woman turned a century-old tree into a cozy little library

A woman ins Coeur d’Alene, Idaho turned a majestic cottonwood tree trunk into a charming and cozy Little Free Library. It all started when Sharalee Armitage Howard’s favorite cottonwood tree had to get cut down. She never wanted to hear the buzzing sound of chainsaws…