woman doing yoga at home

These Creative Hobbies and Wellness Routines Have Exploded in Popularity During COVID-19


Given all the stay-at-home orders in places like the United States and abroad, people have turned to doing things they may have been putting off before. What’s inspiring is that many have let their creativity flourish and a significant amount of people are becoming committed to taking part in wellness routines.

Nerd Bear conducted a survey to see what people are doing while at home during these strange times. The results were quite inspiring. Surveying 750 Americans, here’s what they learned.

People Are Getting Crafty and Creative

The survey found that 33% of people have picked up either a new crafty and creative outlet, or rediscovered one they already loved. Apparently, origami and tie-dye are really in right now as self-quarantine projects.

origami paper crane

What’s more, 30% of those surveyed got involved in some sort of DIY project. With Pinterest having no shortage of projects, it’s become easier than even to get inspired and create something. Also, 10% of people started writing a book, short story, or something in between. Finally, 5% of people surveyed decided to use their time at home to learn a new instrument. All these stats point to an immense wealth of creative energy being put into hobbies, crafts, and interests that may end up being the next bestseller or the next musical hit.

People Are Getting Into Wellness Routines

Whether it’s working out, doing yoga, or meditating, a great number of people are doing one of these three wellness routines.

The survey found that 35% of people stuck at home right now are working out in some way. There is no shortage of home workout videos out there, so become a better you and keep moving your body. Being sedentary can take years off your life and lead to a whole number of health issues.

couple doing yoga


You may be surprised to know that 28% of Americans are practicing yoga at home right now. Again, there’s plenty of videos you can follow online with nothing more than some space and a determined mindset. Increase your endurance and inner peace, as well as the multitude of other health benefits of yoga.

mother and daughter meditating

But wait, there’s more ways people are taking care of their well-being. There are 14% of Americans who have taken up a meditation practice at home. This is one of the most helpful practices people can incorporate while they are stuck inside, given its profound calming effects on the mind, as well as numerous other health benefits. With mental health issues on the rise right now, meditation is one of the best complimentary health practices people can incorporate into their daily lives.

With Every Crisis, There Is Opportunity

It’s important to keep your mind working while stuck indoors. Cabin fever is a thing, so pick up a new creative pursuit or wellness routine while you are staying inside. All those self-care things that you’ve been putting off will end up being things you will be grateful you decided to do. So go on, and make the most of your time at home. It’s a great opportunity to grow as a person and let your creativity turn into something amazing.