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These Pavers Made From Plastic Bottles Could Transform Your Driveway Into Solar Panels


Would you like your driveway to generate free solar energy? Thanks to Platio Solar, you now can. Their new solar tiles are mounted on top of recycled plastic paving slabs, allowing them to blend seamlessly into driveways or pavements of any kind. These pavers made from plastic bottles are a novel way of capturing solar energy that have tremendous potential. With just 20 square meters of solar pavers, you can get enough energy for your house.

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Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

The Platio Solar pavers are especially intriguing due to each one being made out of 400 plastic PET bottles. This is one of the most commonly-occurring plastics in landfills and polluting the environment. With each solar paver made, 400 plastic bottles are recycled, reducing the amount of plastic waste in the world.

These pavers are exceptionally durable and strong. This is because of how highly-compressed the materials are, eventually making them even stronger than concrete! A couple of other great features include having non-slip surfaces and requiring no maintenance.

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Other Remarkable Features

Rooftop solar panels are notoriously tricky to install. They require a bit of know-how when it comes to installing them and require both space and roof angles that will catch enough sunlight. You also have to be concerned with potential obstructions from trees or other outdoor elements. Sometimes, placing solar panels on a roof is just not possible.

Driveways are a greater alternative open area that can be used as a means of harvesting solar energy. Not only that, but courtyards, patios, balconies, and virtually any outdoor area that receives sun exposure is great alternatives to roof-top solar installations.

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Avoid Wind-Related Problems

Winds can sometimes reach destructive levels when it comes to solar panels. Thankfully, these new pavers made from plastic bottles essentially eliminate the risk of being damaged by wind. Since the paver panels are  embedded into the ground, they will not get ripped off if there are strong winds or weather events. They seamlessly blend with the ground, providing a sleek-looking element that may even enhance an outdoor space.

There are a number of color options available, to help them blend even more seamlessly into an area. With increased advancements in solar energy harvesting technology such as this, we will be seeing more widespread adoption of this great alternative energy source.

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To recap, Platio Solar has created revolutionary solar panel pavers that are quick and easy to install, thanks to their modular design, durable thanks to the high-quality engineering used to make them resistant to weight, impacts, scratches, and weather, easy to use and maintain, safe to use due to low voltage, energy-efficient, and available right now.

That’s right! While most similar futuristic-looking technology products are only unveiled as concepts or prototypes, these solar pavers made from plastic bottles are available right now. If you want to see if these are right for you, head over to Platio Solar’s website to find out more information.

Although solar energy harvesting techniques still have a way to go to finally replace dirty fossil fuels, innovative concepts such as these solar pavers offer an appealing solution that is exceptionally easy to make a part of your alternative energy future.