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This Loving Cat Looks After Other Sick and Hurt Animals at a Shelter in Poland


An incredibly loving cat, who has itself barely escaped death, is now helping nurse sick and injured animals in a shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

The name of this furry ball of love is Rademenes and he has his own miracle story to share. When he was younger, he had what we could only assume was a near-death experience after he got an upper-respiratory infection. The infection was so bad that he was originally supposed to get euthanized at the animal shelter he now comforts other animals at. For some reason, Rademenes’ time was not up yet, and we may now know why.

nurse cat poland

This little kitten has become a de facto nurse cat of the animal shelter. He regularly comforts the other cats and dogs who come into the shelter, especially those who have just gone through surgery.

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Staff who work at the animal shelter will sometimes call Rademenes a “full-time nurse” given how much comfort and love he provides to all the animals who are admitted there.

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Comfort and love isn’t all this kitty gives other animals at the shelter. He also gives a bit of attention to the ears of patients, licking and cleaning them.

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This is a heartwarming story that is not the first time that a cat has comforted another cat, or even dog. The video below shows how a cat would come to comfort a dog who became anxious every day after his caretakers left for the day.

Cats have even been comforting humans in a way that has helped them deal with PTSTD! Cats are more empathetic and compassionate that some people give them credit for. With stories like this one, we can’t ignore the fact of just how incredible these little balls of fur really are.

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